Ruth Lee, CMB, Named One of The Most Powerful Women in FinTech for 2022

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Constellation Mortgage Solutions congratulates Ruth Lee, CMB, VP of Product Strategy, for being awarded one of 2022’s Most Powerful Women in FinTech by Progress in Lending.

Ruth is an award-winning mortgage executive known as a thought leader in operations, compliance, and FinTech. With more than 25 years of industry experience, she offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a speaker, author, and coach.

As a founder of the national service provider, Titan Lenders Corp, Ruth Lee helped conceive and develop several meaningful technologies for the mortgage industry. These include mintrak – 2012 Fix-It award winner – providing large-scale data reconciliation and remediation between MERS and their servicing systems, DRMS, a private label warehouse line quality control platform, and TLCWorx – a whole loan purchase review platform for housing finance agencies and investors. In the wake of selling Titan and her earnout, Ruth has explored several market niches, from MSR Advisory and Liquidity to product and Go to Market strategies in both origination and servicing. In 2020, Ruth opened Big Think to offer executive leadership and consulting and joined the Mortgage Builder team as Vice President of Product Strategy. At Mortgage Builder, Ruth has been focused on reinvigorating the servicing platform’s market position, features, and future position as a market leader.

“The mortgage industry lags much of financial services in the adoption of emerging technologies,” says Ruth. “At the same time, mortgage is uniquely sensitive to the enhancements in productivity and the mitigation of risk technological innovation provides. As such, we slowly work through the implementation of FinTech, solicit buy-in with our trading partners, and adapt to the challenges of user and consumer adoption. And when those changes are fully vetted and incorporated into our process, the impact is immediate and profound. Technology disrupts the time-tested processes we use to build and manufacture mortgages. One of the biggest impacts on our immediate future will be the continued deconstruction and disintermediation of the many counterparties who provide analog risk mitigation – from underwriters and capital markets professionals to notaries and title companies.”

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