Supporting Our Customers


As part of our commitment to serving our customers, we offer ongoing training to help you improve efficiencies and fully leverage Constellation Mortgage Solution’s (CMS) enterprise platform.

CMS includes on-site training with all CMS Implementation packages, and ongoing online training is available. In addition, recorded courses are also available 24/7 to help you and assist with onboarding.

We’ve designed our training for you to make the most of your valuable time
Based upon role – admin, loan officer, and operational positions
Covers every part of the loan origination and loan servicing solution
On-Demand videos are available in the Customer Portal when you need a refresher or training for a new employee

Best Practices

At CMS, we aggregate customer feedback, monitor industry trends, and work to develop and deliver best practices to our customers. As a result, our customers feel comfortable knowing we are on top of the latest industry changes and keep our technology up to date. When it comes to significant industry changes, like TRID and URLA, we have a track record of being prepared and tested, not on time, but well before our competition.

In addition, we back all major product updates with detailed training to ensure you can take full advantage of the latest CMS innovations.

Getting the Most From Your Investment

Over time, your company grows with new staff, regulations change, and technology advances. CMS offers a Tune-Up service package that assesses your existing processes and recommends adjustments to increase your efficiency and keep you ahead of the curve. A Tune-Up engagement is a deep dive assessment of your use of our solutions and is customized to meet your needs.

During a Tune-Up, we will:

Review your present configuration and use of our solutions

Create a detailed Tune-Up report with a comprehensive plan to implement operational lift

Recommend process improvements and training if needed

Ongoing follow up to ensure you are using all of the right tools/and maximize the benefits