ReverseVision LOS is the most tenured and experienced HECM origination software in the residential mortgage industry. Our solution is a lending platform supporting retail, wholesale, and correspondent business channels that specialize in the manufacturing of residential HECM (reverse) mortgages. ReverseVision LOS also supports origination and closing of reverse private loan programs that Lenders may offer for borrowers 55+.

For lenders, brokers, and originators that are exploring or planning an expansion of their current mortgage businesses by adding HECM loan products, ReverseVision is here to assist. ReverseVision provides access to the top reverse wholesale lenders in the residential mortgage market. Our reverse experience and strategic partnerships provide mortgage companies with a simplified experience to expand their slate of products into the lucrative reverse market. With a state-of-the-art scenario builder, your originators can quickly qualify and compare HECM options to offer adults 62+ timely equity solutions.

Your Business – Why Reverse?

With over $11.2T in untapped home equity and forward rates on the rise, homeowners are demanding solutions. In addition, there is an increased demand from adults 62+ today that want to secure the ability to age-in-place in their homes. HECM mortgages are the ideal solution for Lenders to capitalize and marry the advantages of the increased equity and the financial security that adults 62+ are seeking. HECM mortgage origination opens the door to a new business opportunity that will increase revenue and profitability in a volatile housing market.

With a declining forward mortgage lending cycle beginning in 2022, HECM mortgage origination offers a significant win for both Lenders and U.S. senior homeowners.

  • Add a new low-risk product and revenue stream
  • Increase volume with access to thousands of brokers
  • Experience a greater profit per loan in reverse
  • An easy approval process with HUD

ReverseVision Delivers

  • Simplified data entry
  • Modern browser-based originator experience
  • Intuitive process flows for origination, processing, underwriting, closing
  • Embedded HECM disclosure & closing document generation
  • API to streamline communication with a growing marketplace of mortgage solution integrations
  • Loan Modeling tools compare HECM performance vs. HELOCs & closed-end forward products

The ReverseVision Advantage

  • 100% of Reverse Mortgage investors use the RV platform
  • 50 of the top 75 IMBs originate through RV
  • 10K+ System Users
  • Educational tools and support
  • Industry Advocacy

Anyone in Reverse is in ReverseVision

With over 15 years of origination experience, our clients are a “Who’s Who” of the reverse market. While newer software is entering the market, ReverseVision offers the most well-established solution on the market.

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