Lynnette Nuese, Named One of The Most Powerful Women in FinTech for 2023

Lynnette Nuese, Director of Sales, Constellation Mortgage Solutions

Constellation Mortgage Solutions congratulates Lynnette Nuese, Director of Sales, for being awarded one of 2023’s Most Powerful Women in FinTech by Progress in Lending.

Lynnette has over 32 years of experience in the mortgage industry. In 2021, Lynnette brought her wealth of LOS sales and industry experience to Constellation Mortgage Solutions (CMS), where she works as the Director of Sales.

Lynnette has been an integral member of the sales team at CMS and led the redevelopment of CMS’ consultative sales process. The new sales methodology and tools advanced Lynnette to CMS’ top producer in 2021 and 2022.

While historically, the mortgage industry has been slow to adopt technology across all channels; certain events have catapulted us forward. The most recent of these events was Covid, and the need to determine alternative ways to take, process, and close loans was realized. Now that the dust has cleared and companies are adjusting to the new normal of business, they are looking for new ways to use technology to their advantage.

Lynnette believes the industry will see the heightened automation of not only verification services but also other areas of the loan process. From the AI that is available for underwriting to the “uber” like availability for anyone to take a picture of the house for an appraisal, to full e-sign closings, the industry is finally starting to see great strides in allowing technology to play these roles. This all adds up to a faster, smoother process for all involved. For those that have been in the industry for a long time, the strides they will see and the ability of tech to not only make the process smoother but just the advancement of the process to move quickly to closing will be something that many of us could not fathom even 20 years ago.

“With the advancement of AI becoming part of the process, this will streamline workflows to maximize profits and allow our industry to automate repetitive tasks, and make accurate calculations while ultimately increasing revenues,” she says. “The big bonus of a faster process using AI in many roles means spending more time serving the customer, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.”

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