Lynnette Conley Nuese, Named One of The Most Powerful Women in FinTech for 2022

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Constellation Mortgage Solutions congratulates Lynnette Conley Nuese, Enterprise Sales Executive, for being awarded one of 2022’s Most Powerful Women in FinTech by Progress in Lending.

Lynnette has over 25 years of experience in the mortgage industry. In 2021, Lynnette brought her wealth of LOS sales and industry experience to Mortgage Builder, where she works as a Senior Account Executive.

Lynnette has been an integral member of the sales team at Mortgage Builder and led the redevelopment of Mortgage Builder’s consultative sales process. The new sales methodology and tools advanced Lynnette to Mortgage Builder’s top producer in 2021.

Lynnette realizes that technology is not a one size fits all proposition. By obtaining detailed knowledge of a prospect’s business and discovering their needs, Lynnette gains a thorough understanding of how FinTech shapes future business on a client-by-client basis. She believes FinTech reshapes financial services in a myriad of ways that impact the productivity and profitability of a lender’s business. It can be as simple as automating manual processes resulting in increased lender profits and work/life balance, easing the strain on a very demanding job in the industry, especially when people are resigning in great numbers.

When Lynnette introduces FinTech to a new client, she delivers a personalized consultive experience that readily ties a lender’s pain points and gap-related requirements to the specific technology that will provide significant operational lift and cost efficiencies. She also offers the unique ability to demonstrate to clients potential “undiscovered” future needs that could negatively impact a lender’s long-term success. Lynnette believes technology is the key to forwarding momentum in the financial services industry.

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