Kelli Himebaugh, Named One of The Most Powerful Women in FinTech for 2023

Kelli Himebaugh, Chief Revenue Officer, Constellation Mortgage Solutions

Constellation Mortgage Solutions congratulates Kelli Himebaugh, Chief Revenue Officer, for being awarded one of 2023’s Most Powerful Women in FinTech by Progress in Lending for a fourth year.

Kelli Himebaugh is the Chief Revenue Officer and leads Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, and Vendor Relations at Constellation Mortgage Solutions (CMS). Kelli has been in the residential mortgage tech space for more than 20 years.

In 2008, Kelli joined Mortgage Builder Software and was a significant contributor to Mortgage Builder’s tremendous growth and success during her first three years in both sales and client development roles. In 2011, Kelli transitioned to a corporate role in Mortgage Builder’s Michigan headquarters serving as Corporate Vice President. In 2016, Kelli joined the team at VirPack, where she served as the Director of National Sales and a member of the senior management team. In 2020, Kelli returned to Mortgage Builder to join the executive leadership team after Mortgage Builder’s 2019 acquisition by Constellation Software. In 2022, Kelli was named Chief Revenue Officer and was a driving force behind the rebranding of Mortgage Builder to Constellation Mortgage Solutions.

Kelli believes that fintech has significantly impacted the mortgage industry by bringing greater transparency, efficiency, and accessibility to the home buying process for the borrower and creating efficiencies in a difficult market for lenders to “do more with less.”

“Financial technology creates a better lender and borrower experience and operational efficiencies through automation and workflow enhancements.” she says. “Tech is easily and readily leveraged to develop and continually enhance the consumer experience, so the borrower receives the best possible experience throughout the entire process, from the point of sale through the closing process. Additionally, as we all know, lenders must communicate effectively and transparently with borrowers. Technology can initiate and guarantee these communications, preventing the human fault of delayed or forgotten follow-up by a lending team. And the automation of loan verification requirements is available from providers integrated into origination platforms that prevent borrowers from gathering paper and slowing down the process. In fact, where having a paperless file used to be a “nice to have” tech lift, now it is mainstream for lenders. The next advancement to electronic document management will leverage the extraction of data from loan documentation and use that data to automatically create loans in the LOS solution that, in turn, will automate the required verifications and service orders in the loan processing phase.

“Leading-edge technology makes software available and affordable for organizations of all sizes to offer services to their borrowers,” Kelli points out. “For example, CMS recently launched a new LOS, NOVA. NOVA opens the door for new solution integrations, dynamic workspaces, workflow automation, and reverse mortgage origination products will be added in 2024. Finally, there is a LOS for the industry that will allow a lender to offer and originate both forward and reverse mortgages in one platform. This new technology enhances the borrowers’ experience by providing them with options that were not previously available and brings reverse mortgage products to lenders without them having to use multiple platforms. This fintech advancement will open new origination revenue opportunities for lenders to access the largely untapped US home equity that belongs to persons aged 62 and older.”

Kelli believes that innovative tech reshapes lenders’ processes and workflows ahead of them asking for it and disrupts the current standard for an origination platform. The bottom line is that fintech is reshaping the mortgage industry by making it easier and more efficient for consumers to obtain a mortgage while improving accuracy and reducing lending costs.

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