An Acquisition Story Written in the Stars

“Written in the stars” is a phrase used in countless and the most epic of stories, tales, novels, movies, and songs as far back as time began.

Our story is like those stories of old.

Constellation Mortgage Solutions acquired Mortgage Builder in 2019, intending to invest in our people, technology, and our customer relationships – and they have.

The investment by Constellation has strengthened our products and relationships with both customers and partners. Our unique architecture built for you, a lending professional, is part of Constellation’s “buy and hold forever” strategy.

Constellation provides a suite of market-leading technology solutions designed specifically for the real estate industry through its numerous brands. Over 500,000 real estate professionals across North America rely on Constellation’s products and services to power, manage, and grow their businesses. Constellation has acquired over 700 companies and employs over 29,000 people worldwide in over 100 vertical markets.

Mortgage Builder provides enterprise mortgage software solutions for today’s lenders that empower teams, quickly adapt to changing regulations, and are customizable to unique workflows. The all-in-one platform serves the needs of lenders from origination through post-closing and servicing. The MB platform is an entirely cloud-based solution backed by our award-winning customer support team.

Mortgage Builder works to help today’s mortgage professional streamline operations, reduce costly errors that can lead to problems with compliance, and close more loans faster to increase ROI.

Being acquired is not always easy and often doesn’t go as planned. However, by looking up at the beautiful night sky and trusting in the stars and Constellation’s guidance and support, along with each MB employee taking ownership of not only their job but the company, Mortgage Builder is a part of Constellation’s success.