Constellation Mortgage Solutions offers a Loan Servicing System (LSS). With over 30 years of experience and stability, the enterprise-class platform supports a full suite of loan servicing solutions, from payment processing and cashiering to escrow management, investor reporting, and default management.

We proudly work with clients of all sizes and experience levels, conforming our product and support to your processes and products.

Reduce Your Costs

CMS’ LSS is highly scalable and cost-effective for existing and new servicers, licensed with minimal up-front investment. Our focus is on containing your cost to service (CTS) with innovative productivity solutions, smart features, and continuously improving functionality. Choosing our LSS is an easy decision when you consider all the value your team will get for the investment.


Boarding and loan set-up

Flow Servicing

Special Products (CTP, HELOC)

Cash Management & Lockbox Processing

Investor Reporting and Accounting

Escrow and Insurance Administration

Default Management Tools

Teller / Payment Web Tools

IVR Support


Professional Services and Implementation Team

Expert Product Support

Highly Stable and Reliable System

Integrated Print Services and Key Vendors

Paperless Delivery

Dynamic Consumer Portal Experience

Live software support

Private or White Label Standard

Personalized (MLO) Messaging on Statements

The LSS support team works as your industry partner to automate your compliance decisions, processes, and accountability structures.

CMS’ LSS keeps cost down while the core product is ever-expanding by selecting only best-in-class and industry leading vendors for integrations.

The CMS LSS offers several ways to manage your data, from canned and investor reports, to cut-off, summary, and ad hoc. Our professional services can help you design management reporting from all of your business information sources.

CMS’ LSS has an important vision to leave control in the hands of the user. We are focused on delivering a consumer portal with self-service options to allow both you and your borrowers unprecedented access to curate their own experience. As a client, you will have self-service access to manage payment permissions, look, feel, compliance, and marketing content. Your borrowers will see all of their statements and tax documents in one place, make payments, and change their contact information.

Our end-to-end solution includes managing all your printing while leveraging the benefit of high volume, lower pricing, from disclosures to statements.

CMS’ LSS provides tools to manage communication and customer support for loans going through delinquency and default. We offer custom calling queues, communication history tracking, and property preservation integrations.


Servicing residential mortgage loans is a relationship business. And Constellation Mortgage Solutions understands why putting the tools in your hands to manage your relationships with your borrowers and your investors are two sides of the same coin. Servicing has exacting standards, but it also has to be a people business with the flexibility to meet people where they are, whether on the phone or on the web with equal cost-effectiveness.