Breaking News! We’re Changing Our Name

I am excited to share some important news regarding the next step in Mortgage Builder’s evolution. Mortgage Builder is changing its company name to Constellation Mortgage Solutions (CMS) on April 4th, 2022.

Why are we making the change?

Three years ago, Mortgage Builder was acquired by Constellation Mortgage Solutions Inc, which is part of the Romulus portfolio of vertical market software companies within the Perseus operating group of Constellation Software Inc (Constellation). Constellation acquires, manages, and builds vertical market software businesses. They hold companies for the long term and invest in the companies they acquire. Constellation invested in our people, technology, and our customer relationships.

We’re evolving with, and as Constellation, past our original LOS and LSS platforms and positioning our company name in alignment with our vision for the future. This change allows us to present ourselves as an innovative company and set the gold standard in mortgage lending technology.

We are proud of the innovative vision we’ve cultivated over the last three years, our preferred exclusive integrations, and our focus on acquiring the best industry technology, for example, the recent acquisition of ReverseVision by CMS. As we transform our LOS and LSS platforms, we are also looking forward to a new fully browser-based experience that delivers a modern user interface later this year. But, most importantly, we are proud of our affiliation with Constellation Software and feel the time has come to move towards the Constellation brand family.

How does this change affect our clients?

Today, nothing is changing aside from our name and our product names. We are an essential part of your business, and our commitment to you remains our highest priority. By rebranding ourselves, we can offer additional technology solutions and partnerships to you in the future. Our enterprise solutions will remain Mortgage Builder LOS and Mortgage Builder LSS and will be revealed on our newly redesigned website planned to launch in April.

This transition of our company name from Mortgage Builder to Constellation Mortgage Solutions marks the beginning of not only an exciting year but a positive future change.